So the online journals I frequent the past couple of days have been…how shall I say…scanty. Yes, that will do. Then it occurred to me that I have not exactly been holding up my end of the bargain either. Well, I should fix that right here, right now.

I decided to take a break from the same old, and be a bit gloomy about the gloomy weather and watch a movie. The movie was Freaky Friday and I figured it was okay because Tim didn’t want to see it anyway. It was okay, I guess. Teenage movie and Ms Curtis being ‘wacky’ and ‘fun.’ I remember the first time I saw Freaky Friday was in third grade at Glenwood Elementary. We were all shuffled into the gym where they had a big projector set up over the stage, and we ALL watched a movie. I do think that is a lot more fun than a stupid pep rally, don’t you? We also saw Black Hole, later that year. I had that thought that movie was pretty scary and couldn’t imagine how the 1st graders could handle it. Brave little soldiers.

Speaking of which, I had a nightmare this morning about Tim and his brother Ben (and every available man for that matter) going off to war. They didn’t want to, it wasn’t a draft and yet, every available man was going. I told Tim that he couldn’t hack it and he shouldn’t go, and for god’s sake we need to get Pluto out of Milwaukee because — who was going to take care of him. I was desperate to find someone to take to Milwaukee to get him so that I would have something of Tim when he was gone. I cried and cried and was entirely inconsolable until Ben finally took me and we got him and were on way back home — where I had to face my toughest farewell — when thankfully, I woke up.

It has been a long time since an apocalyptic type nightmare has scared me. Usually it’s the demons and their evil trickery that get to me, this time…it was the simple thought of losing my darling and not being able to damn thing about it.


Speaking of darling, he isn’t the best editor in the world. He has only gone through three pages so far — he says it feels like work. Not a promising sign, I know. But that isn’t what he means. I may have to start looking at it myself if he doesn’t do anything this weekend.

My garden has begun to sprout! I saw little shoots coming up but despaired over how they were going to break through the tough top that looked like a cracked desert when my neighbor said to water them. Whoa…what a difference ladies and gentlemen. This “Watering” idea is fantastic! I don’t think it is going to rain as much as the weather man promised either, so I may have to go out there with my empty milk gallon jug and water it every day… Yes, I do have a hose, it’s just too much hassle to take out unless I am going to keep it out. And what a waste of water…right?

I have no plans this weekend. Absolutely none. Maybe I will go to the library and make amends. I wish it weren’t so cold today, I would have gone then.

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