Okay, so I need to get back into the swing of writing. I am going to have to fiddle with some prose for now and see what comes up. I have a book of ideas that I have been writing down along the way, so that should come in handy. I tried to start proofing my story but found I was still too sick of it to look at it. Another day or so before I can settle down to do it, I think.

I rounded up all the HP Lovecraft books I borrowed from the public library eight years ago, and found only three. Was that it? I know I wouldn’t have gotten rid of any of them. I never let go of books unless they are close to trash. I was going them to the library today, along with a checkbook to redeem myself, but other crap got in the way, none of which should have prevented me from going.

Today I watered the garden, picked up sticks, sprayed weeds with some weed killer I found in the garage, panted garlic and four tomatoes….I hope they grow! I fixed the vacuum cleaner which had gotten a ton of yarn wrapped around the spinny thing, and I found a pen had gotten sucked up and punctured the plastic hose. Suck. I cut off the yarn, spent fifteen minutes looking around for electrical tape, taped it up and then spent a long time vacuuming cat and dog hair from the living room, bedroom and office. Oh an I put together a grocery list and menu for dinner’s. Lots of healthy eating this time around, the warm weather inspires me to partake in nature’s bounty. I can’t wait for my garden to grow something useful.

Last night I dreamed of visiting my Dad…and something else…I don’t recall right now. I am looking forward to visit my Dad over memorial day weekend, although that might not happen if we still have Gypsy. Hm…no more than two weeks, huh? Right. Gypsy now has an unhealthy obsession with the futon and all of Pluto’s toys (even though she doesn’t really know how to play with them). The futon is littered with any toy Pluto even looked at during the day, and she refuses to give up her seat to anyone. If Pluto or any cat comes near the futon while she is on it, she has begun to emit a low growl. I think it is mostly directed at Pluto….which seems to me to be a bit unfair because SHE certainly has no qualms hopping on the futon and squeezing in, when Pluto is crashed out.

Speaking of cats, all of the cats had a piece of litter affixed to their nose today at some point. Cute.

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