Yesterday was a big day. I went to the library with the three HP Lovecraft books I had, and my checkbook ready to pay for my library sins. The dude checked the books, looked at my ID and then informed me that I was no longer in the system. I was getting away scott free! I filled out a form, he printed me a library card and within minutes I was on my to check out my very own books. I get to the pop culture section, when I hear it.

“Miss?” I turn around and he is waving me back. I walk back and he said. “I checked the system and found your name, is the Red and Eagle usually seperated?”

“Uh, yeah, that would be me.” I look over to the blue screen and see the three offending books all described in big capital letters are OVERDUE. Busted. I glance at the monetary amount listed next to them and see a whopping 63 dollars 75 cents.

“So, what I can do it knock these all down to five dollars.”

“Yeah!” I respond, a little too eagerly.

“Can you pay for them now?” he asked.

“Sure can! I was ready to pay something today.” I respond and whip out my check book. A measly fifeteen dollars is entirely doable. They have a new policy, at least this library, where a cap is set on over due books at five dollars. Awesome! I hand my check over, he hands me a receipt.

“Is that it?” I ask fearing I might have to do some community service.

“Yep,” he smiled at me.


I limited myself to four books. A stupid dream interpretation book, the Nanny Diaries, a romance, and some other book. Afterward I headed over to Walgreen’s to get some shampoo, soap and cotton balls. Once I walk into the brightly lit room, I remember we also need a new hair brush since I lost our other one in the pre shower rush a few weekends ago. Items in hand I wander around thinking of what else I need, in addition to my leave in hair conditioner for my split ends and payday candy bar, then I see it.

‘Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May 9th”

Crap, I forgot. I wander into the card aisle and begin a frustrating quest to find two mother’s day cards that aren’t oversized and don’t cost four dollars each. It takes me forty-five minutes and a sympathy conversation with another patron before I settle on a 1.99 card, and a 2.45 card. Gah. I mentioned to the check out clerk how much it sucks that Hallmark has a monopoly on Mother’s Day cards. She agrees, and I finally realize I could have made the cards myself and saved five bucks (which could have gone into the travel stash).

I get back home, do the damn dishes, think of dinner, eat some cheese curds and start reading the Nanny Diaries. I had wanted to read this book for a long time. I am surprised that it is not that well written and I don’t think I like any of the characters that much. I pause to attend TKD, make dinner, walk the dogs, watch Angel, and beat the Temple of the God’s boss in Zelda before heading to bed and catching Tim reading my book.

This morning I finished the book and was depressed. I don’t know….just to think there are such heartless, thoughtless, rich people out there. Sure they are unhappy but that isn’t enough punishment for the injustice that they pass on to other people. Lenore was like that…even though she KNEW better. she turned into that…and now there are thousands of these women out there. It got me to thinking… that I should be doing something more productive with my time or something more meaningful. I don’t know. I mean, I didn’t particularly like the main character either…she had an air about her that said she was better than everyone else and to be honest, her family was fairly well off too. She was just slumming it in her college days and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that she was off to bigger and better things.

After plunging myself into the blues, I put on some Hank Williams and started cleaning the house, doing laundry, yet more dishes, and put small things away, cleaned the bathroom and cut some lilac flowers from the tree outside. I think I was going to go to TKD tonight too, but I have sense changed my mind.

I think I might try for my permit tomorrow — but we will see how that goes. ;)

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