Blogger has some new updates…I wonder if I should include their comment thing….also, Tim and I are thinking about using a new hosting provider. He is thinking about running a mech Team and found this great website with all these awesome options. I have been in the mood to change my website as well…or at the very least…this section of it.

Hm. Yesterday was …eh. I had a bad TKD class all because of this dude that I don’t like….but I just have to give it time. He won’t be there all time and after next week there are only night time classes, so I won’t HAVE to deal with him on a one on one basis. It rained. It poured. My garden and garlic is loving it, but the dogs and I, are not. I spent a good part of yesterday doing laundry and reorganizing the linen closet and the bathroom. I have also been working on a new kind of beadwork for me (lazy stitch…I know how to do it…I just have never done anything WITH it). Right now I am working on a hair barrett type thing.

Week in Pictures sucked last week…but one cannot always have great things to post. Of course we did do more…like go over to John’s house for more board and video games (Jeremy and I stayed up to 3.30 playing DDR, followed by Soul Caliber and then Tetris because everyone else was stuck in a game that would not end). Then on Sunday I had a suprise visit from Liama — but I didn’t think to take a picture of her as it was suprise and all. I am looking forward to harrassing her on a weekly basis. I could have also taken a photo of our new Xbox, but that would have been lame. That is like taking a picture of our car….(which incidentally, we DO have —but only because the dealership took a picture for us). Oh, we did finally buy a lawn mower though! It got me to thinking how much free stuff we got because of and their bonus 750$ gift card for getting a realtor suggestion through them. I like to imagine as we walked into our new house all of the “gifts” sitting on the middle of the floor:

a hoe, spade and garden rake set

Two leaf rakes

A large winter shovel

A large push broom

50 foot hose

two small garden spades

Two sets of working gloves

a small plant water thing

14 inches worth of insulation in the attic

a new fan/light switch


plywood and vynil covering (to modify the DDR pads)




entry way rug

back door outside mat

kitchen dog run rug

mop and bucket

angel fern plant

8 foot standing ladder

lawn mower

I am sure there might be a few more small things tucked in there….and I still have 11.20 cents left on a gift card! Thanks Home Depot and Lending tree, you saved us a bundle on starting a home.

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