This morning was great! We got up and headed over to the DMV. I felt prepared enough as I had finished reading the driving manual last night. ;) Wow, it’s amazing how things change in a decade. Instead of a twenty question written test, I was instructed to sit down and start a touch screen test at a computer. The practice portion of it was confirming that I was the right person taking the test. I aced that part. Next was the Class D test. I started and was answering questions correctly…until BAM, I was hit was a trick question. I gasped in shock as a bright red INCORRECT flashed across the screen. Damn, have to be more careful. A few questions later I was sideswiped with another INCORRECT. What? I was robbed. I had two wrong…how long was this stupid test anyway? I clicked on the Status button and read: Test of 50. 24 correct, 2 incorrect. Bah….I had half way to go and I could afford no more mistakes. I made to the end with no more errors and breathed a sigh of relief as a green text announced that I passed. All of a sudden I get a notice that the next part of the test is loading — Signs. What? Geez, luckily I got all of those correct. Whew….I passed. I went back feeling relieved and then he says to take my number and go to the beauracratic side to get my permit.

I walk over and join Tim as he sat quietly reading the latest issue of Time magazine. When my number was finally called I went up to the booth.

“You had your permit before?” an attractive man asks while looking at his screen.

“Uh, yeah, eleven years ago.” He nods and instructs me too look into a viewfinder and read the top line and tell me if there are flashing lights on the side. I kicked this ass in the butt!

“Twenty five dollars,” he states and immediately looks bored.

“Who do I make it out too?” I ask. He reaches over and broadly gestures to the eye level sign that answers my question directly. I hate that. I hand over my check, he gives me a signature thing and tells me to go over to the photo area. I walk over and make myself comfortable while watching several other ladies get their photo taken. Thank god I wouldn’t need my picture taken, I told myself.

“Laura?” A thin, balding man inquires.

“Yeah, that me,” I smile. He takes my card.

“Sign here,” he says and waits while I scribble my John Hancock down.

“Go over there and face the camera,” he points to the chamber of torture.

“What?” I ask confused. “For a permit?”

“Yes, we started taking photo permits in March,” he explained. “Some kind of study.”

“Oh,” I respond and shuffle over to the worn carpet.

“Smile!” he demands. I manage a small grimace.

“All done,” he reports and I go back to my seat. A few minutes later I am greeted with the second worst public picture taken of me since the passport fiasco several years ago.

On our way home, Tim and I stop at McDonalds for a fancy Duluxe Breakfast to celebrate. Ahhh…what a great morning. A while later I went to TKD and the dude that I don’t like was there, but today I could deal with him just fine. I was just in a bad mood on Monday. I overhear the Ring’s say that they are overwhelmed and they need a secretary so I volunteered to come in for a few hours a week and help them catch up. After all, I do have amazing secretarial skills, and they should be honed regularly…right? Besides, it feels good to volunteer, it’s all part of being a Community Aide.

Moral of the story: When I offer to drive, I mean it! I just need a licensed driver with me. ;)

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