Weekend in Pictures

Today is my brother’s birthday. I saw him this weekend working at the gas station, I wanted to take a photo but I didn’t know if that would be okay to do in a gas station…a busy one at that. Anyway, I told him I would see him later, but I never did. How typical. He is thirty-four today.

This weekend was super packed and busy. We hung out with Eric and Kate, went to Kenosha to visit Andrew (Tim’s most foul mouthed crude co-worker to date) and see his little girl for the first time. We attended Tiara and Adrian’s barbecue and had tons of fun! Then drove back, went to bed with expectations of getting up early but that was not to be. We slept in, mosied around the house and I cleaned the car for the first time in two years or so…maybe even three? Nah…just two. We are THAT piggy. :P Then put the backs of the seats down, threw the dogs in with some supplies and drove to my Dad’s in Dells Dam. What’s that? Dells Dam isn’t on the map? That because is because it ‘local’ to ‘locals.’ It’s between Neillsville and Hatfield.

The visit was okay, although it wasn’t as relaxing at it usually is. I think it was because of the extra company, dog sitting the dogs, and massive amounts of rain — although I did get some beads, and made plans for Andrew (my brother) to visit us for two weeks at the end of this month. We got back Sunday night and I went straight to bed, I hurt so much (bad headache). Then yesterday seemed like we had been gone for days…everything seemed neglected: the cat boxes, the cats, the kitchen, the whole…feel of the house. Tim and I were both in bad moods yesterday and had little energy. His work thing is really getting to him.

Today is better though. I got to go to the super, secret TKD class…just three people with the woman teaching it a fanatic for weapons and self defense. It’s fun, I like those classes…it’s where I feel like I learn the really good stuff. Now I am here. I just finished updating Week in Pictures, writing this…and soon I am going to work on some letters. Although I might tidy up the office because it still feels neglected.

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