My computer crashed three times in midst of making posts..and reposts. Now it is much later and I am not taking any chances…thus it is short and sweet.

Went to Children’s Musuem on Thursday with Hilary and her kids…was fun. State Street stroll = great.

Got my orange belt today. Whew. Rode bike to terrace to meet with Tim and his coworkers. Had chipolte afterward. Good.

Watched Big Fish and Koi Mi Goya (indian scifi movie…india indian).

Read Nickle and Dimed, and a romance I won’t bother to name the title for.

Went to Bennie F to make a hankercheif for Gypsy that says adopt me.

Going to John’s Birthday BBQ tommorrow.

Got a little brother we will meet next Wednesday.

Don’t trust this anymore—gonna post it. At least it inspired me to backup everything on the server. Now we have to debate whether or not to buy a new computer or a new bed. My computer is over six years old. It’s a battle axe of a machine.

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