Just got back from John’s birthday barbecue. Had to leave for the dog’s sake. Now I am drinking a beer and drawing on the puter with Hilary. This new Yahoo thing is fun.

I have an ear ache! How can that be? Only kids get earaches…or when you go swimming or are sick. Not for no reason whatsoever. It hurts.

Tim has to go to work tomorrow. What a bag of horseshit. I should go all religious on him….but he doesn’t want too either. So…suck. It means my weekend is ruined too. No quality time with my darling.

Tomorrow I am going to help Roberta sort through her storage shed to find things for her garage sale which I am hosting at my place…since I have an empty garage and all.

I am still working on my letter to my Mom. I feel bad. I have gotten four letters from her since I last wrote. What is wrong with me? I have a huge pile of letters for penpals I need to respond to as well. I just feel like I have been incredibly busy lately. But that is a good thing…busy is good. Especially when it is productive. But I have to remind myself…nay…force myself to write too. I can’t put that on the wayside. Must not… have … to…fight … it.

I mowed the lawn today! Second time ever, first time in the United States. The first time was in Finland when I was 18. It was hard work. It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to start the darn thing.

I rollerbladed in my basement for awhile. It was fun.

I wish someone would teach me how to weave beads…figuring it out on my own is hard. I think I am going about it the long way too. But then, maybe there is no short cut for it. Just time spent…one weave at a time.

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