If it feels like I have been avoiding you this week, is because I have. I

am sorry, but hey…at least I fessed up to it.

Week in Pictures

for the weekend of June 1st is up. I couldn’t come here and babble on

about the trivialities of daily life if I didn’t have something to offer

that was juicy….

Fucking skeetos! I have a total of six major, harassing the hell out of

me, bites all over. They are swarming everywhere outside…terrible, nasty

little things. Tim and I both thought of the skeeto women in The Scar

(China Mieville) and their insatiable thirst. I feel bad for Pluto most

of all. The instant he steps outside there is a swarm on on him. When I saw

swarm I mean at LEAST 20 – 30 of the blood sucking monsters. I did some

research to see if there was any bug repellent for dogs for the camping

trip this weekend, and Tim is going to check Mounds after work. I hope he

can find some, otherwise we are going to end up bringing a skeleton back.

Last night we watched Kill Bill Vol. 1. For some reason I thought that all

four of the major spanks were gonna get killed in this one, I didn’t

realize it would only be two. Eh…it was still good. Now I have Sea

Tricuit to watch, and ‘I fell into a burning Reign of Fire’ is on it’s

way. Tim hasn’t seen it, but I recall that I enjoyed it thoroughly. Ahh

dragons. End of the world…what more could you ask for? Not much, except

maybe a vaccination that would make my blood repellent or even deadly to


[Fuck...fuck fuck. Blogger crashed on me again. It seems to happen when I

reach about this much typing...thank the gods I had just cut and pasted it

to Eudora to spell check, other wise this would all be gone. Why do

computer have to get outdated? Why for the love of god...why?]

Well, I might as well finish what I was going to say here and then just cut

and paste it in there….ha. Take that.

We found someone to take Gypsy for this weekend. Rock on! Not Tim has to

do all the work of taking care of Pluto. A vacation for me, to be sure.

Hm. Oh, after 27 more patient tries with bead weaving I am going to give it

up for the moment and try to figure out some other way to bead a five foot

… uh….ribbon of beads? I wanted to do it the traditional way…but for

the life of me, I can’t seem to do it. I did one once before…but this

time it just isn’t working and it is making me furious and depressed at the

same time.

…. great…now Mozilla won’t work. I have to try the half and half

Explorer. I may have to start bogarting the other computer.

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