I got sick of waiting for the rain to lessen that I finally bite the bullet and got wet. I really needed to go to the grocery store to get food for the rest of this week, and more importantly for this weekend. Camping good. What I do, is take a holding basket…and fill it. I tell myself that when it is getting heavy, you should stop because you are riding your bike. HA. I lugged that muther around the store and even contemplated milk before giving up. It was so heavy! My arms were falling asleep but it equaled three bags of groceries…none of which is really tasty or good. Except for the girl’s only Luna bar I got, and the mixed cookies for this weekend.

Roberta called the moment I came into the door and told we talked about the academic book group not happening tonight. Why? Because someone is coming over to look at Gypsy! You better believe it. They are coming at 6:00 PM, so I gotta get on the ball in a few minutes here to make the place look effortlessly clean.

Oh, and my six year old gateway computer? Dead. It’s so sick it won’t do anything but trillion…and even that is iffy. I am on the Dell computer–what I used to call Tim’s…but now should just be mine. I backed up everything important on the server…and this computer had a copy of dreamweaver and photoshop…but damn…I had so many good publishing software things on the gateway that are all going to be lost in the great reinstall. What I need is friends who do graphic design….right here in Madison.

Last night I sparred. I got hit in the head three times and punched in the face once. It didn’t hurt and it was ultimately a lot of fun. I want to go again, but next week is Skinny Puppy! Woo. After that I suppose. Oh, and yes…I was the only female. I have a feeling it is going to be like that for a long time. Good thing I have so much practice hanging out with boys growing up with my brothers and all.

Sarah came by yesterday with Luke and invited us to dinner next Thursday and then gave us a 100 bucks from when she lived with us. Cool. Later that night we went to Target to buy badminton/volleyball set and a soccer ball, and a air pump with needle to blow up the soccer ball in the set and put more air in the basketball we got. Now, I feel like we have a complete sports set…everything except the football…but who likes that anyway? For that matter who like’s basketball?

Alright. I thinking about a slight redesign of the website…I might have to think some more on that. I guess you will know it happened when it happens.

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