My bottom wisdom teeth are in a competition of pain. Eating food feels like the mush goes into a pit of inflamed gums. I am beginning to think after four years the teeth don’t have enough room to fully come in. Suck. I am big baby when it comes to dentists.

Um. So I didn’t take any pictures this weekend…instead I suggested one for Adrian to take (which he did) and I will post when he sends me a copy. That will suffice for Weekend in Pictures… so I guess … stay tooned.

Camping was fun, mellow and fun. I sunburned my forehead, nose and forearms…sigh. Right now all but the forehead and nose have diminished. How embarrassing. When we picked up Gypsy last night I wore a fancy scarf pirate style to cover it up.

Gypsy had a good weekend, she went to both the meet and greet at the Fitchburg place, and then to the Mounds Dog Fest. Cool. The person who looked at her last week came to the Dog Fest to look at her some more. I hope she decides that Gypsy is the one for her.

Sarah Sister in Law, is going to stay over night on Wednesday to take care of the hounds while we are in Chicago watching a another kind of puppy. ;)

I gotta write today.

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