What should I do today? Hm. Yesterday I felt kind of … eh…but Andrew and I did manage to make it to the grocery store to get some food. I balanced our budget and am now going to watch where all the unaccountable money is going, and I worked on my story (which I intend to finish today). The other day we went to Olbrich gardens and walked around examining all the plants. I wish I had a garden like that. Sigh. You know the Thai Pavivilion that that they have? The only one in North America? Well, they have a lady sitting there in a camping chair ALL freaking day — making sure no one touches it. Isn’t that crazy? I mean that is her job, to sit there all day and ensure that the gold flake is not touched by mortal hands. I wonder though, if I wore gloves if it would be okay…hmm.

But, it feels like we haven’t done anything really exciting with Andrew. I mean I did take him to State Street, and then to Olbrich gardens, and we outran a percieved tornado — but nothing much else. I think a movie would probably solve that problem. However I don’t think the theater has bike rakes (curse this city) and it’s a long bus ride/walk combo. Okay, anything on the bus seems long. Oh well, he’s 13. Last night he browned ground turkey for the first time making lasagna….that was new.

Ha…cooking. Alright, see you.

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