This holiday weekend was not very much of a holiday weekend at all. Although on Friday I did enjoy a few beers with Tim and his coworkers at the terrace followed by a small coffee date with just Tim. We went to Starbucks and sat up on the balcony…it was so nice. Then we drove home and ordered pizza and watched The Last Samurai.

Saturday Tim was tired and didn’t feel like getting up at the ass crack of dawn to take the dogs to the dog park. We slept until 9:00 when I had to get up and fix some pancakes before heading over to the bank so I get something notarized. Afterward we were going to go to Walmart to get our fishing license, but Tim said time was short. All we did was get my form notarized. Went home, I put it in the mail and Tim took Gypsy to the meet and greet in Fitchburg. He got back at two and we got our fishing stuff ready and went to pick up tyquan and then go to Walmart to get the fishing license (s). Man, when you don’t go Walmart, you are amazed at how much stuff they got, and how cheap it is. The devil is a wily creatures…tempting me with low low prices. Fishing license in hand we went to Olbrich park to fish in the light rain. Tim showed TyQuan how to cast and reel it in, and how to put worms on the hook. This was all TyQuan’s first time, and to our amazement he caught a fish! To my double amazement, I caught TWO! Rock on. The the storm grew up and was about to fall on our heads so we left…JUST in time. We went to Culver’s for a victory cone. Afterward we dropped him off at the Church where his Mom was working, they live right by Warner Park, so I got to see all the hubbub of folks running in the rain, soaked to the bone. Ha ha.

Went home and lounged playing Super Bust a Move, before Carla called and said that Rhythm and Booms was cancelled until Monday and wanted to know if we still wanted to come over. Well, now that we didn’t have to take the bus…SURE we would come over. Visiting Richard is always nice and Andrew even had a good time. We ate some food, visited and decided to try again tonight. We got tired and went home to watch Master and Commander (which I didn’t think was that great).

Now the trouble begins. We got to bed and Pluto, who didn’t eat anything all day begins to pant. He needs to be taken out side…for every 15 to 20 minutes because the rotten mulch he got into on Friday got a hold of him. Oh my. Tim took the first couple hours and just as he was about to lose it, I took the second shift. In the morning I sat in the kitchen with him writing a letter while he went out every 1/2 hour…and eventually that got longer. Vomit and dog squirts. What a way to start the holiday.

Since he was sick we didn’t want to leave him too long, so I called Liama to gauge when the most people would be there, and the grill was ready. We headed over and I had a good time talking with her Aunt and Mother, got a tour of the place with furnishings, talked with Hilary a bit, but got full and tired quickly. Tim wasn’t in the mood to socialize much and Andrew certainly won’t socialize. Sigh. We thanked Liama and left. I look forward to hanging out with her a little bit on my own at a later time.

Went back and took a three hour nap. Got up and watched some VH1 and Twilight Zone and then went to bed again for blissfully uninterrupted sleep. Ahhh.

I had a very long, and detailed dream about three apartments that were over heads that we never knew about. Actually, I did discover apartment number 1 before, and in this dream decided to go up and look at it again. Upon opening the door a bunch of kittens came pouring out and two mommy cats…I was going to have find homes for them. Apartment 1 is completely furnished, but abandoned. The location of our house with secret compartments, is always that attic apartment we lived in on Pickney. However, the first floor of the house is the layout we live in right now. The second floor is accessible to through a little noticed door by the front entry…a secret door. So the second floor is in pretty good condition, I think I remember the Greg and Bekah lived in it, there are beds in rooms, clothes everywhere, the kitchen stove was left on (I turned it off), the refrigerators were still plugged in. I was dismayed by waste of energy.

Then there was a third apartment, completely wrecked…but it had potential to be very cool and I was showing it to Sarah, and she was really interested in it. The bathroom was immense with a massage room, a large step down bathtub with whirling stuff, a clawed big tub that had the water on. It was gushing water out and I went to turn it off thinking of the water bill. There was a little house to the side that I couldn’t go in because the porch needed to be replaced and wouldn’t hold my weight, a small forest in the back with the sun shining down on it, a kitchen with fridges full of food, and counter space with pans and dishes. And,a bunch of people telling us this was some kind of disabled kids retreat. Which it wasn’t — it was the third floor of my house. I was going to have to kick them out.

I went downstairs were my dad was sitting and I told him about the amazing third floor apartment, and he said he didn’t believe it. So we went up there…and it was gone! Replaced by a an attic type thing…we went through it, and on the other half it was this old abandoned rec room with skylights. I talked about how I was going to make this my plant room. They had a foos ball table, ice trunks filled with pop, two pop machines STILL on (I was very concerned with all these appliances still being on), Dad was impressed with it, and my Mom was impressed that she could get a pop. I was dismayed that I needed change to get the pop, but then saw a bunch of change on the table for that purpose. It was great because it was a secret rec room.

I loved it. One full apartment complete with a kitchen, abandoned furnishing, kitties, and potential for renting it out…. and (although I miss the good secret third floor apartment) I still like the hidden rec room potential. Oh the possibility.

You know they say that when you dream of undiscovered rooms that you are dreaming of your untapped potential. Does it mean something significant that all that energy was being wasted? What kind of potential am I not digging into? If the apartments were really only there….I miss them so much.

Now I have to go and take a shower so that I can go to Woodmans to buy the ingredients for Pluto’s Bland Diet. Ugh. Cooking for dogs seems ridiculous…anyway, I also have to buy some Pedialyte, and food for ourselves. A car today would be nice – especially since Andrew isn’t very good at riding bike with groceries.

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