Yeah, I kinda figured that it had been almost a week since my last post. I guess it just went with the rest of the week because I took a break from TKD as well. It was a good break, and there is no point in forcing yourself to do something you enjoy. I don’t really want to burn out….and last week was just things happening on the night. Taking Pluto to the vet, Roberta dropping couches off, and shopping on Wednesday night for ink and books with my darling. Yeah, so why am I making excuses for you?

Andrew is now gone. We drove him back home yesterday and last night the whole house felt very big for just Tim and I. I wrote in my journal, watched the 4400 (holy crap this show is amazing!!!! – It’s about 4400 people that have disappeared over the past century, and suddenly all returned standing on a mountaintop — not having aged a single day or remembering what happened to them. It’s on Sunday’s at 8:00 on USA), and uh, wrote some more before going to bed. This morning the house feels very lonely with just me. :( Three weeks was a long time (even though it doesn’t feel like it).

Well now life gets back to normal. I have to rewrite my Eve story, start doing TKD again, managing my time better and working toward some of my other goals. Yeah. I have also been reading a lot. I just finished the Birthday of the World and other stories by Ursula Le Guin. I formed an opinion that I hated her back in college based on a a book of hers that I read (Fantasy writing) and hated. She seemed so arrogant and … blah blah. Well, her writing took some getting into, but I forced myself through her pages of false history to get to the meat of the stories which explored gender identity and relationships. Yep, that’s it. But I liked it….I like social twists like that…that is why they call it science fiction, right?

I also finished Black Projects White Knights by Kage Baker. I liked it! A collection of short stories based on world that she created in the 24th century. A corporation with the power of time travel and many other wonders and some of the stories …. it was good, although I could have done without the Follow Your Own Adventure introduction.

The Christmas Letters by Lee Smith – A little “gem” of a book that was supposed to warm my heart and cozy my soul. It’s a collection of Christmas letters (those ones that you get in your card from people you only talk to once a year) through three generations of women. It started out promising, but by the end I felt like I was reading a bad mimiographed copy.

Ghost Stories – Muriel Spark – A collection of Ghost Stories, though the ghost isn’t all ways the spooky kind with paranormal features. I read them all, and they all engaged me, however I must admit, I didn’t “get” a few of the stories. For example, The Seraph and the Zambesi. I get what happenes…but …what? Maybe I don’t get what happens. What the hell happens? I did recognize another of her stories “The Portobello Road.” I am sure I have read this story before in some other collection, but read it again anyway.

The Chronicles of Narnia – by C.S. Lewis – Okay okay, I know many of you have read these book (which I managed to get all in one paperback volumn). I too, had several friends that were obessed with the collection in seventh grade, however they were SO obessed that it turned me off. (Yes, just like Tolkien — and yes, I am stubborn idiot at times). But Tim did mention that it was his favorite collection a child, and well…what’s stopping me? I resisted reading it in junior high — but there is no reason now except my own laziness. A note of interest, the first book is not the Lion’s witches wardrobe, but The Magician’s Nephew. I have only just started and am the point right now where the Lion tell Digory, the Son of Adam that he has brought evil into their world. But my question is…when they first got on the world…it was empty. The horse cabbie decided to sing a hymn to relieve his discomfort … it was only AFTER that the the lion appeared and began to create Narnia though song. So, did the children begin life on Narnia with a song? Because in that case, they did bring evil, but they also brought good.

Alright, I got shit to do instead of yammering on and on. OH Eric got into an accident on his skateboard and knocked his brains out, complete with a trip in ambulance and an overnight stay a the hospital. Poor Eric, everyone send a good thought his way even though it happened last Monday. :P

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