If it is morning and I am sitting at the computer holding a spoon, then twelve out of ten times Innsmouth is going to worm her way on to my lap and meow pitifully. Why is that? Because in the morning, if someone is holding a spoon, then chances are some milk product is being spooned to a mouth and she wants some of that. OH she used to be polite, but that was before she was indulged one to many times. Now, apparently she has an entitlement but no matter how much she says she wants it, she always turns her nose up at my soymilk. Cheaky cat.

Watched Fog of War last night. I wonder if the same kind of movie will be made/could be made about Rumsfeld in fifty years. Then we will all think of him as … human. The interesting thing about Roberta McNamara, was that he didn’t SET out to become the man he was, he was chosen for the jobs based on his mighty intelligence. You could say that others found him and not the other way around. I also learned that I did not know what Agent Orange really was — based on popular culture I assumed it was some biological weapon. Which it is…to plants. The human effect was only an unforeseen consequence. I also hadn’t realized that Japan had been seriously fire bombed and over 50% of their population decimated before we dropped not one, but two nuclear bombs on them. How are they are still alive? I am beginning to rethink my position on the bomb, or the “great shame” as my young, english wanna be teaching assistant for Southeast arts class called it. And the Cuban Missile Crisis was that l—l close to happening? They really DID have armed weapons? Crap.

I just started a list yesterday, in which I am going to write down everything I have ever wanted to do, try or learn. Aside from plant identification, and geography, I might need to learn a little more history.

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