I didn’t go to my long awaited dentist appointment yesterday. My coworker drove me over to the place after work yesterday (I had never been there before). I didn’t think it was possible that there was an ugly side to Evanston, but I found it. And my dentist was nestled amongst it. Garbage, loiters, terrible houses everywhere…disrepair, and no care that they would ever be in better condition. I imagined myself getting out of the doctors appointment in an unfamiliar neighborhood wandering around with a brightly, colored wacky coat, not knowing where the train or buses were located. It was not a pretty picture, so I decided not to go. OH bugboi couldn’t pick me up later either, because he was still on his washington business trip until 11, that night when he finally came home. Now, this would be a perfect example, why I should go and get my frickin driver’s liscense. But I know bugboi wouldn’t even park the car on Howard street, much less there, so I guess it wouldn’t matter anyway.

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