Help me out here folks, what the hell should Tim do with his life? Rather, what job do you think Tim should do. So far, we think something with information, politics would be nice, maybe library science, or some kind of science that doesn’t directly involve sitting at a bench all day, or even something radically different that we …er…I haven’t thought of yet.

Last night Phil, Erin, Jeremy and John came over for a grill out. It was a great visit! With just enough food and we roamed around the house sitting the living room, outside and office with terrific free flow conversation. Phil and Erin are moving this week, but coming back next week for their going away party. Where are they going to? Ohio. Wheeling, Ohio. But it for something really cool, and that is for Erin to go to stain glass restoration school. How awesome is that?

Opps, gotta get dressed. Taking the ‘little’ mini golfing.

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