Okay, I have made a commitment to write several things today, in addition to updating the Week in Pictures section — which I already did. So you can go and look at it right now if you want to.

Now where to start? I guess I will start with last week? The 15th… when was that? Right, last Thursday. Well, Phil, Erin, John and Jeremy all came over for a grill out in honor of Phil and Erin who moved this past weekend to West Virginia to start their newest adventure. Erin is going to school for stain glass restoration and Phil…is finding himself? Or at the very least, a new job. It was a great time because we were … oh wait. I think I talked about this already? Or maybe I did in a letter. No, I remember that was Wednesday.

Okay, on Thursday we picked up Ty Quan and went to play mini golf and then had dinner afterward at Hubbard’s diner. It was nice, although he got home a little past bedtime. I think we need to call today to see if they are available this week or Sunday for some board game playing. A little good news, is that his other brother found a Big Family to be with, and now I am sure these kids are going to compare who is better or who is doing more fun stuff. Oh the pressure…but I know the whole point is to just spend time with them. Which we are doing.

Friday, …. er nothing I think. Tim was in a super funk and it sucked. Saturday, we drove out to Geneva WI, to do our volunteer time to GPA and walk dogs. When we got there a bunch of them had already been walked by snide, 1st year psychology type volunteers (totally obvious they just started and were really proud of themselves), who took the dogs on only ONE lap around the fence….this on a really nice, sunny beautiful day — average five minutes. Remember this is the dogs only outing for the whole week. Anyway, one of them had the gall to say “Oh they got here late… ha ha just kidding.” What the fuck ever. One lap? I wanted to say something, but didn’t. We only ended up walking four dogs, for two laps each…the other dogs were still whining and had energy when we left after being there for only 20 minutes. As Tim said, “Sometimes it sucks…sometimes it doesn’t.” Where are these do gooders when the weather is really shitty? Not there, I can guarantee that.

Got home and later went to test drive a Scion XB. Wow, we want one. But I would need a job to get one. They are soo roomy and there would be room for Pluto and a passenger or two in the back seat. Went home, napped, read and watched a movie — The Matrix Revolutions.

Sunday our little Gypsy went off to be adopted. :( I miss the little pixie already. I forget what we did for the rest of the day….I did apply for a job at UW Extension for a LTE position, part time in the morning downtown….I hope I get it. I would like the extra cash for the potential car and for supplies. Tim was also inspired and started looking too! WOO! Finally…progress.

Monday, a new dog joined our ranks. We are dog sitting for one of Tim’s coworkers who is away on business for three weeks. He is a pointer/beagle mix and hasn’t quite gotten it into his head that cats are bad. Jake is going to be a guest until August 2nd.

Yesterday I went to the Mall with Hilary and the two girletts. Man, Mina can now run faster than I can walk…and seriously…she doesn’t stop. I think it’s because her head is so big and she has to keep up with it…can’t stop…that kind of think. I got a frappichino…man I love those things…and a new lip stud (shh..don’t tell Tim). Money is really tight this month. Later on watched Outback Jack and then had a nice conversation with Callie on the phone! Maybe I should start making more…conversational phone calls. What a concept!

Today I have to go to the post office to mail something. Called Insurance to work something out … a bill that we got in the mail today. Luckily it was easily resolved and doesn’t cost us anything. Awesome….I like it when things work they way they should. I am also going to write and spend some quality time on the computer…updating this, talking with Karen, updated website, gonna write my story and hopefully finish it (the third draft), and write a letter. Tonight is sparring…ugh. I have no reason not to go…and I have to stop being a baby and suck it up. It’s hard…

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