I feel really old today.   I know why I do too…it’s because after Tim left for work I switched the TV to MTV and VH1  (because they actually play videos in the morning), and saw Modest Mouse Float On video. Then I remember Eric saying “I didn’t want to like them because I thought they were too main stream” to me, when I said “Who the hell is Modest Mouse?”.   OH that seems like years ago…wait it is because it WAS years ago when I was an intrepid young woman duking it out with the big city.   Bah. Now I am twenty eight, sitting here in my own house and bitching about how I feel old…when I know when I am older I am going to want to slap me for being such a nitwit.

A sentimental fool.  For heaven’s sake.

Alright.  BIL Ben called last night saying he was in town for a leadership conference and wanted to gather all the Benninghoff’s and their SO’s for dinner. We went to La Hacienda and it was good.   We explained our latest dilemna…and when we got home we felt comfortable with making a decision.  We are going to take one…  we can do that with the peace of mind that we are offering these at least one child the stability that they need. Hopefully, the case worker will be able to find a home for the other two…. two is much easier to place than three.  I wish we could do more, but unless we had a lot more money a month we can’t.    If you want more details on what the hell I am talking about, I guess you are going to just have to email me. 

In unrelated news, we found a dump curtesy of Pluto in the basement. It was solid, so it was quite obvious that he just strolled down there with his new found power of stairs….and … er… had some liberty?  Ugg.   It means I need to bleach mop the basement and then spray it down with that pet waste deterrent stuff.   I forget the name of it right now.  



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