Look at all the things I can do. I can startle you by saying something like…. I walked into the kitchen, and to my disgust saw that the poop sat in a pool of blood. Ha. Impressed aren’t you?

Last night I watched Under the Tuscan Sun. I had found the book a year or two earlier on the concrete slab at our Chicago apartment for free and tried to read it. Ugh. I couldn’t stand it, the premise was just too much for me. Well-t0-do professor type pays one million to buy a house in Tuscany, is she crazy? No, she just fucking rich and I don’t care to hear about her obeserve the little details of Italian life under a one million dollar home in another country. So, I thought I would watch the movie knowing it might be better. It was, but not by much. It disturbed me that spent all her money buying the house (making sure not to show the audience how much) and yet had enough money for elaborate dinners and crap. Bah. But it was something to do while Tim toiled away at work until late hours of the day.

Jake is pain in the ass. A dog. He is way too interested in the cats and last night he was going after one…two of them. If it was to sniff them, fine..but he was going to fast and scared them. Migo swatted him, he yelped but then I got scared when he kept going after Migo. I threw him outside and checked the paper we had gotten regarding him. Of course the one thing I need to punish him was the one thing that the owner forget to give us. A nose muzzle (because if at all possible…Jake should not be confined). Eventually I let him back in (had to…Pluto was a dumbass and went out side with him), put him on a lease and made him sit on the couch with me. Sigh. Today he discovered Koopa, and even though I have her ruby palace sheathed in a cotton, he still sits and stares, and whines. If this is what a normal dog is like, then I don’t want one. I want all dogs to be like Pluto. Don’t bark, don’t show interest or go after cats or other small marsupials, sleep a lot, and … well… is quiet.

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