Okay, I am so up with this week. I updated Weekend in Pictures…have a look. It will show photographic evidence that I went to Phil and earrings going away party this weekend at Token Creek and was stunned to find out that they had gotten married last December! Holy congratulations, Batman. They made the best brats, and I found myself wishing I could have another one all day yesterday. Suck. We stayed for about three hours and played a game of horseshoes (I won), visited with Jerry, Mike, Rachel and Beth, Phil and Erin but tiredness prevented us from really chatting with everyone. Bah. I hate that when I am provided with an excellent social opportunity and fail…lackluster guest. Suck. We had to go home to let the dogs out anyway, and to see if Brandi called. We offered to have them over for a grill out that afternoon but there had been some miscommunication so we weren’t entirely sure if it was still on.

We got home and it was still on, and after awhile Brandi came over with a guest, their daughter, Sophie and Hannah and Henry. It was great! We fired up the grill, relaxed, the kids ran around and screamed their heads off (nice to do everyone once in awhile), caught lightening bugs, ate, and played with lame house frisbees. :D

After they left and I hung up the newest art in our living room (Brandi brought it over) and admired it, we decided it was too late to hook back up with Phil and Erin and stayed in. I read and Tim played a Mech game that someone gave him.

Sunday we slept in. I made some bad corn fritter type pancakes (I don’t get it…I like corn and I like Pancakes…why didn’t this work???), walked to the St. Dennis Festival up the street — my first time ever to an event like this — Tim yawned and said it was like an old shoe. Those ministers kids…so worldly. :P We bought some corn, had a beer and played a lotto type ticket before we left. We walked to Woodmans to buy some smokes, cereal, crystal light and apples. I wish I had remembered soy milk…   Oh, and then we went over to Brandi’s to look at some furniture that she had….we wanted it…but our car was too small. Then she did something extraordinary…she said we could use her PT Cruiser to bring the desk and dresser back to our place!  Oh that was absolutely awesome, at is so nice, and finally I feel like we are starting to get some nice furniture.   

What’s up with the mail?? I don’t think we have gotten mail for the past three days. Yesterday we put some mail out and by 2:00 it wasn’t gone. When we came back it was gone….but Tim of course said “Maybe it was stolen.” Since there wasn’t any mail in return…not even the stupid Shopper Stopper that we get EVERY Saturday….I started to fear. Actually, still am. Maybe someone DID take our mail…but why? It was a Netflix, two surveys, and two letters…I guess I will know about the Netflix by today or tomorrow… if they did take our mail. But…dude. I suspect there is a new mail person or something and they aren’t doing quite the best job.


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