What does the H stand for in the curse “Jesus H. Christ”?

This weekend, I saw Blade II with my darling at the Evanston Theatre, the movie was a lot of fun, and I had WAY more popcorn than I need for several months. Afterward we stopped by the Lighthouse for a pint and then went to bed. Sunday I stayed in all day, never actually changing into real clothes, I worked on a letter to Sarah, read Catcher in the Rye (who the hell said that was a good book again? I wanna take you out side for a moment and introduce you too….kidding. No I am kidding. Jesus H. Christ, I said I was kidding!!!), did little word puzzles and watched My Dog Skip, True Lies, Independence Day and that Oscar crap fest a little bit and then went to bed with the sound of the wind HOWLING outside my window. This morning, when I looked out I saw that my little birdie chimes hit the dust. Both the remaining dingers were off, and all that remained was a ceramic husk. I should go look for the chimes…see if I can find any. But then a gain, the chimes were only a buck at the Hatfield Flea Market, and I could always use another reason to go and get myself some little horsey chimes or something.

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