You know what? I gotta quit reading other people’s journals before I post to my own. I suddenly feel I have nothing to say after reading about how fabulous everyone else’s lives are going. OH yes, mine is equally fantastic in it’s humble, yet modest way — but I don’t know what I am trying to say.

It thunderstormed this morning. After Tim left for work and I ate some breakfast I crawled back into bed as the day got darker and read. After a few pages I fell asleep and dreamed I was in a coffee house from 10:00 am to 6:00 in the evening, and one whole wall was glass and it was thunderstorming outside. That was a much better dream then the one I had yesterday morning in which I helped Sarah make a budget. Ugh, how boring! I also kept losing my sheet of paper, and we were in Perkins of all places…

Let me see, on Friday I forgot what I did. OH wait, I know. I cleaned the house and rearranged the bedroom finally taking down that big Gypsy crate. It is so nice to able to reach my side of the closet again. I also have my very own dresser now! I haven’t had my own dresser since….since….uhhh… I know there was a time in college…pre Tim…. anyway, it is has been awhile. My pants are finally important enough to get their own drawer and not just crammed inbetween the nooks and crannies of working pants.

Saturday we went to the Big Brother’s Big Sister’s 100th anniversary picnic with Ty’Quan. He abandoned us shortly after arriving to hang out with a friend of his. However, we were not along because five other kids glommed onto us at one point or another. Maybe we look like fun? Or maybe it was my red pants. I got a weenie whistle from the Oscar Meyer folks.

Later on at home, Tiara and Adrian came over and we talked and played DW4 before getting ready and heading out seperate ways. There was a going away party for one of Tim’s coworkers, and a happy hour member with free beer and nachos at the OTC. It was fun and great to have some more free food. Then we went to the Inferno where I spent the next few hours trying not to exert any phyical energy at all. It was hot, stinky, smokey and just all around nasty at the Inferno. I walked outside several times and considered leaving if I couldn’t find a seat soon. Luckily, I got one — at the bar and dranks lots of iced water. Seriously, I haven’t fantasized about fresh air as much as I did that night. We stayed for half of Stromkern’s show and the left. We had had enough. Total amount of money spent the entire day = 4 bucks. That was on my last beer before we left too.

Sunday morning I chatted with Adrian and Tiara before they left for Milwaukee. I was sad to not offer them any food, but the truth was we didn’t have any. Unless they wanted pickle…we did have those. We were just waiting for Sunday after five to go shopping (so there was no chance a check might have been passed through any official banking channels until Monday morning when we could make some deposits). But we figured it would be okay to go out and eat breakfast because it was our 6th Anniversary! Woo. Six years…I get more excited about anniversarie’s than birthday’s. It’s much harder to see an anniversary come around than just getting older. Anyway, we checked out this resturant by our place called Dairyland. (Laima (noticed I spelled it right!) had mentioned it previous week asking if I had been there — I said no). Well, we went and it was great! Awesome selection, old school Mom and Pop, great prices and good food. I had steak and eggs, and let me tell you I haven’t had that much fun eating in a such a long time. Each bite was a rollercoaster of joy.

Back at home we slept. Then I made a menu, put together a grocery list and went to Woodman’s to finally get some food. OH the food I got. It’s so good. Such variety! No pickles this time. Got back and unloaded and then took the dogs to the dog park. They loved it and it was nice to walk out in the somewhat wilderness. Reminds me of being little again. I made a fresh tomato/basil pasta dish and smoothies for dinner and watched the 4400.

Here we are today and I feel like I just gave a litany of boring stuff. Oh well, at the very least I have a recollection of it for myself.

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