I just made some coffee sweetened with sugar and pilfered Target vanilla creamer. Is good. I am kind of trying to figure out what I should do today. Probably look around for more jobs, feed the hounds, take them out, and I should write something, huh? I am leaning towards letters though — I have one letter I haven’t even finished reading yet! But since it is kind of cloudy day, I could do that.

I started another attempt to record my dreams. I had been walking around with four of them last night, taking up my brain. I needed to get them out, so decided to write them down. I am super proud of myself for writing one of them down when I got up the second time this morning…although I didn’ t write the one down from 5:00 because that was a murder type dream and I told myself that it was not all that noteworthy. But it’s a good thing I wrote the 7:00 one down because I can’t even remember what it was about right now. Huh.

I am gonna go and register for Stargate SG1 ‘Get in the Gate’ sweepstakes again. I really would like to win.

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