HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOEY! (aka Chimera – for those of you that even notice the left hand side of the page).

So, like everyone else I had a weekend.

Friday I hung out with Hilary most of the day — trip to Target, walk and I took her to the Dairyland (my newest find), but she wasn’t impressed. Oh well, *I* still like it, and so does Tim. It was a beautiful day for a walk and to get out of the house. Ahh. I got a new sport bra at target by the way and the wrong size of underwhere. I hate that when that happens, at least I noticed before I opened the package though.

We went camping on Saturday up at Kettle with the usual gang. Had a good time, burned some wood, ate some food, drank too much of Sigrid’s Mom’s Sangria and the Stop N Go in Dundee paid for it. Ha. I made Tim drive away quickly and I don’t think anyone saw me…phew.

The rest of Sunday was taking naps, watching the finale of The 4400. Huh. From the future eh? I wish that show would have gone on longer….without giving me an end. I would happily make that trade. Unfortunately I missed Sarah’s Bridal Shower because we got home 45 minutes later, and it would have taken another half hour to get there…and that is just too close to two hours late. Sigh. I guess I will have to make it up later, perhaps invite them over for dinner.

Now I gotta go to the post office and do some other shizmit. Like what? Um. Uhhhh….read, and do a little writing I think. Yes, that will do for now.

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