Last night I saw Day of the Dead. Two weeks ago, it was on Scifi…but I had somewhere to be so I only watched the first 20 minutes, and was riveted. I knew it had to be on netflix at the next possible moment. I was also shocked to see that the “Hello! Is anyone out there? Hulllloooooooo. Is anyone out there” with the creepy music on the Gorilla’z soundtrack was from this movie! Wow. Anyway, last night we watched it…and wow…what a great fucking movie! It is SO well done…I am utterly impressed. If you haven’t seen it…see it. If you saw it when you were a kid…see it again because now you will see how well done it is.

So I am going garage sailing today. I was hoping to go with Hilary but she hasn’t been online all morning which must mean that she has better things to do. I found four yesterday by accident while walking the hound and an old lady told me that this is when “our” neighborhood all sells their unwanted crap. Awesome! First off I need to go to Woodmans and get me some moola and get out of this dark cave of an office. It will also give me a good opportunity to canvas the hood and formulate a plan.

Oh I got my padded helmet and mouth guard yesterday. I can’t wait until I get a job and can buy the rest of the gear. Scavenging sucks ass. At least I don’t have to worry about anyone else’s head sweat though.

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