Everyone and their brother has the day off tomorrow except me. I am stuck here…but thankfully a lot of people will be out so I can scamper out of here a little early at 5.00! Wahoo. No late train for me.

Right now I am reading Memoirs of a Geisha. Wow, that’s some good stuff, after reading a very disappointing Catcher in the Rye. Again, someone please tell me why people like this book. Tell me why it is on the their list of best books…. It’s like that time muddled through Jonathan Livingston Seagull…and scratched my head…wondering what? What did I just read? And more importantly, am I going to risk my imaginary reputation of a somewhat intelligent person by saying I didn’t get it, and therefore it sucked?

I am really tired this day. I woke up this morning tired. I went out last night to celebrate Kate’s birthday at the Red line. I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and pink sprinkles (they were so cute!). I met this old lady…who does indeed look very young, but claimed she was in her 60′s. She was trying to sell Bugboi and I on the idea of renting her three bedroom flat for a mere $2,500. Yeah right. A mere….I don’t care if it has three bedrooms…and she says “Well, you never know what might happen in a year… you might double your incomes.” While this would have been true two years ago…(in which case we damn near tripled our income….) it is not going to be true now. Come on people, I work at a university!

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