Friday I went to the Mo All Church sale and had myself a fake brat (Italian sausage is NOT a brat!), a cookie and a diet coke while I browsed the tables. I found a bunch of great quality clothes, a bunt pan, and a new frame for only 7.75! Rock on! I walked back home, stopped at one garage sale to find nothing and munched on popcorn the whole way. Once I got home it was 3:00, and I only had about an hour to go to visit all the rest of the garage sales in the area. I suited up my partner and together we went garage sailing. Pluto is an awesome partner (as long as you make sure he takes a dump before he leaves). I visited five or six more sales but only got a vintage picnic basket from the plus-size stamping lady. She seemed really independent and I probably would have liked to talk with her more if the hound hadn’t needed some water.

Later on I challenged myself to see how fast I could ride to the Bar Next Door (over by the Alliant Energy Center). I got a late start because I got sucked into watching the National Spelling Bee. Man those kids are clean cut….anyway it took me only 30 min, and I got the stitches in the side right before I crossed under the main road…so about 25 minutes into it. Weird…I thought one only got stitches from major aerobic activity like running….and I didn’t feel out of breath. Anyway. Went and had a few drinks at Al Capones old bar and then went to see a play “Audrey Seiler, Where Are You?” at the Broom Street Theater.

The play was good, but I really wish I hadn’t seen the five minutes of the Olympic Ceremony before we left…those statues was an AWESOME! idea. Seriously, I wonder what the rest of it looked like…I wish they could have floats like that in real life…in our stupid little parades. Because if they did then you can believe that I would go and wait in line or overnight to see it. The play though was good…but it ended kind of abruptly, which was okay because I had somehow turned into a squirrel and couldn’t stay still on those tiny little benches any longer.

Saturday night we went to the Essen Haus for a coworker’s (Tim) going away party. It was fun and even though we had mini boots…the Obliterator still did it’s namesake to me. Gah. After awhile we walked to some place called Ian’s…a pizza joint where the Black Bear used to be. I don’t remember it being there…but they new locals insist it has been there awhile. We had some pizza and walked all the way to the cardinal to where I car was parked. It felt like old times….walking everywhere a little drunk. Ahh yes…old times. There was tons of trash out there…but I didn’t see one single homeless student guarding his or her shit. I did manage to pick up silk pillow though (one of the chinese deals that you zip). Great quality.

Sunday…ouch. Sunday….dark beer really hurts me. But since I didn’t have that much it’s only effect was a headache that lasted most of the day. It finally went away when Tim and I went to Barnes and Nobles to get a book and a fancy coffee. I think it was the caffiene that finally kicked it. Came back, watched The Boondock Saints (pretty good) and then went to bed.

Here I am trying to hurry myself up in typing this so that I can go and take a shower….and then go over to visit Lowen. There are other things I have to do today–lots of lousy dishes ( which I had excused myself from doing the past two days because I got a deep cut on my right index finger), menu and grocery list creating, packaging some ebay crap, and cleaning in general.

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