When it rains it pours huh? What to do. Try not to worry about it for one…but I would at least like to have a plan for when it does happen — that’s just called being prepared. My problem.

I interviewed yesterday for assistant to important person, for 10.34 an hour from 7.45-11:00 AM every day (read 3.25 hours) and it is located downtown and for the University. The interview went well and the head honcho said she had more interviews that day and …well today and would make a decision late today before they started calling references. Bah.

I get home after the interview and find that the High School people called for an interview (which is set up today for 1:00 tomorrow). THIS job pay 13.54 an hour, is a permanent 9 month position (summers off!!!!) and benefits, and just seems more interesting because it is in a high school. I like kids, yeah even teenagers even though I alternatively revile them. ;)

So what I am afraid of, is that the UW might offer me the job tomorrow (I hope to God it is delayed until Friday). I need to give the MMSD district SOME time to consider me? Do I press them at the interview? That is bad taste though, isn’t it? The only thing I know I should do is put off the UW people for at least a day citing that I need to think about it. But an I get away with more than day? Maybe two days to think about it?

What should I do? The school job is far superior, but if i don’t get it I don’t want to burn my bridges.

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