The High School job interview went…eh. I had lots of enthusiasm, made great eye contact, shook hands firmly, was careful in my answers and sold myself. However, the questions were that very generic “we don’t have lots of experience interviewing people” so the questions were hard to answer. At least by giving them what they wanted to hear. The interview was with three people: head principle, secretary to principle and another principle (who showed up half way through the interview). Now it’s my impression that when someone doesn’t show up or shows up halfway through — that a couple tenths (thanks olympics) were taken off my score. The head principle was very bruque and distracted, the secretary was nice, and the other half late principle looked wiped and barely there. All said, I couldn’t tell how I was doing and by looking at the sheets they were writing my comments on…I was fourth in line. I know there are no more interviews today because I overheard someone else asking for the room, but there might be one tomorrow. The head principle said that they were interviewing until Friday…so I am pretty sure there is one more. So that means only one was knocked off from the six that I saw on the roster for the skills test. They said that they would let all of candidates know by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

So….I think on a scale of 1-10, that it was a 6 versus the UW interview which was a 9.547. At this point I am thinking it is entirely likely that neither will take me. Bah. Thus with those feelings, I am going to go with Mike’s great advice and just be …. er.. American. That is to say, take whatever job comes my way and then quit if I get a better offer. Why not? He’s right, I don’t owe anything to them and they don’t owe anything to me, and this whole code of ethics thing is bullshit anyway. Then of course there is always the chance that the webperson for the UW job was savvy enough to check out my website and is currently reading all this and thinks I have no ethics to begin with. Ha. Oh well, make my bed and lay in it? It sure isn’t that comfy right now.

At least I did my best and if nothing comes through — then so be it. I should really be focusing on other goals anyway (even if the extra money would really be handy). But thanks to Phil and Mike for giving me great advice…maybe the comments feature is a good idea after all. :) As for the anonymous thing..don’t worry about it. I don’t expect everyone to start blogs just so they can have personalized name thingies.

In other news, Tim is sick today. He woke up not feeling great and decided after awhile to do a half day. He went off and then just came back complaining of a headache and chills. He is actually very warm, so I sent him to bed with some nyquil and an order to rest. Poor darling.

This darling should go and find something to eat so that I can have the energy to do the cleaning that needs to be done. Lots of mopping. One of my goals is to mop the party basement really good so that I can use it for a practice area. Last night was great at sparring. I actually got a hit off of Iron Man! Yeah, it was in the beginning and he was expecting my slow ass self…when I did a double jab followed by a step-to-the-side reverse punch — and I got him! He chuckled cos I got him. I wasn’t expecting that to happen for another few months…but I didn’t let the glory go to my head. My right shin guard slipped a bit and I am now sporting a huge ass bruise on my right shin.

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