Went to the kennels yesterday to walk dogs, came home did some DDR to work of a donut, putzed around downstairs in an effort to make it more habital, helped unload garb…er thrift treasures into our garage for a friends garage sale that we were supposed do back in June, went to the dog park with Pluto and Tim, went grocery shopping and spent 20 valuable minutes looking for the damned Manwich, and went to the Inferno with Sarah and Dave. The Inferno was okay, I did way more visiting that I normally do and I am pretty sure I didn’t embarass myself much, saw Rachel who was in town for a wedding and danced to five songs before leaving. I got home and instantly washed washed my face, got into jammies and warmed up some lasagna dinner I didn’t have time to eat before I left. Oh it was so good….I ate it while watching Batman on TV.

“This town needs and enema!”

When I was younger I thought he was saying “enemy” with just a funny accent. Tim scoffed at me and said I should have known what that word was when I was 13 or 14. Itold him that the same fat kids that patrolled his playgrounds, obviously didn’t make it to mine.

Now I should really take a shower so my hair has a chance to dry before we pick out our “little” for doing something. We have no freaking idea what we are going to do either.

There were a bunch of crows cawing this morning from 7 – 10 AM. Tim said that crows hate owls and pick on other birds of prey too. They follow the bird from tree to tree and heckle them. I commented that crows should be looking for food or something and Tim replied that crows are afforded a lot of time. Crows. All freaking morning they moved around our neighbhorhood picking on a poor hawk. I wished fervently that we lived out in the woods and had (at the very least) a BB gun.

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