No job for me. Oh well. At least the East School people had the decency to call and say they picked someone else, the UW one didn’t. What to do? Other than feel a little sorry for myself….

So it is at times like this that I think about the ‘greater picture.’ The whole, god aspect, if you will. All that blather about there being some great purpose to your life (if only you can figure it out). I wish that God was on instant messenger and I could just ask him “Hey, what could I do that would bring me joy and fullfillment that would help the ‘great plan’ that you have for me?”

I like to think that everything happens for a reason and that there are no coincidences in life. While there is an element of chance and luck…I think that it would favor the prepared person. I am prepared, I went out and applied and tried and offer to do things. Yet nothing has come to fruitation. Since I technically tried, I have nothing to feel bad about (other than the loss of potential money). But, what I am trying to say here is or rather ask, is what is the reason I did not get a job?

I have an application laying on the living room floor to be a foster parent for the Ho Chunk Nation. I got it last week just as I was applying and interviewing for all these jobs. Perhaps that is the reason?

Maybe I should go back to school. There is a really good possibility that I could get it all paid for through grants, scholarships and fellowships. I would consider going to school to be just like having a job just like I viewed getting my undergraduate.

I should continue to plan and work on things for crafting and opening my grand store in two or three years, and also continue to toil away at writing. But I was going to do that anyway — but maybe if I had gotten a job then I would have lost focus.

Maybe I should just keep my options open and keep looking around and something is waiting in the near future that I would have found IF I had gotten a job. Hm.

Bah, so much maybe, what if’s and perhaps.

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