Tim is on vacation. It’s not the kind of vacation that means we are actually somewhere different than our home on the east side of Madison. No, it just means that he doesn’t have to work this week, and is doing some of the putzy stuff that we all want a few days to ourselves to do. Myself? I am not on vacation…although I do plan on making some of Tim’s vacation worthwhile by making him leave the house — go fishing, visit Wisconsin Dells, go out for lunch one day…etc. Although not today because Monday’s are always chore days. I still have to make a Monday list but I have already done things like: work on a letter, read internet crap, email people, update blogger, feed the fish, and eat breakfast. I have other things to do like clean, clean and oh yeah, do some more cleaning cos the Geisler’s are staying here on Wednesday night. Not that the house is THAT messy, it always gets destroyed over the weekend.

I am currently reading Phillip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” series. I made Tim go to Barnes and Nobles yesterday to buy the other two books because I was smitten. It’s really fast paced, and I like the different notions of fantasy that he is telling. Great stuff. We also played some sports with Ty Quan (our little) …okay Tim did more of the playing. I just can’t get myself interested in basketball. Besides my left knee has been hurting and I didn’t want to antagonize it any more. I have crappy knees to begin with and take the utmost care in making sure they don’t get any worse than they already are. That and basketball is incredibly boring and I suck at it.

Sunday evening we took Pluto to the Token Creek dog park. This is the third Sunday that we have taken him in the evening and we are starting to recognize people. There is a Sunday evening dog clutch.

If I were single, I know exactly what I would do to get myself a good man. I would go to the dog park by myself to walk the path. Why? Because there are plenty of single men, with dogs that go to the dog park. Single men with dogs say lots…it says that they are stable, they can support dogs, have a job, probably have a big enough place and don’t share with roommates, they are compassionate, reliable, etc etc. Why would I go by myself? So that I could talk to these single men and say “OH, I WISH I had a dog. I just come here to wish…” and proceed with the flirting. Yes, that is how I would find a grade A man. The dog park.

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