Super busy week! Tuesday night we went and had sushi with Ned and walked the length of State Street to look at all the youngun’s reveling in their newfound freedom. I remember how great it was to finally be out on my own and have my own place to retire too…that was fun. You could actually taste the fruit of possiblity.

Last night was fun as well. We went to the Great Dane with a bunch of friends of Ben and Jen’s (but we knew many of them), sat outside in the ivy garden and had fish and chips. Man I love that sauce….it was so nice. The last time I was there I think it was with Melissa and Kersten? I might be wrong, but it was with good lady friends…I do remember that. Afterward we we went to the Inferno where they played awesome music, and there was a ton of people that I haven’t talked to in a while….Nate, Kelly, more Ned, and of course Jen, Tiara, Angie, etc. It was just like old times, I had such a good time.

This morning we all had coffee and chatted leisurely like before everyone headed their seperate ways. Now I am all squeakified from a shower and about to get dressed and go to Woodmans to get stuff for a picnic. We are going to some Glacier Park over by Geneva to fish and look out for a lost greyhound. It escaped from an old lady two weeks ago and she has no interest in finding it, the track obviously doesn’t care, and the dog is a spook. What is a spook? A dog that is afraid of humans and had other mental problems. Spooked easily…so hopefully Pluto will attract it’s attention. Oh man, this is going to be fun though. A whole day of fishing, picnic and I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Seriously, it’s fantastic out!

Too bad I didn’t take any pictures this week. I would take some today but my camera is full and I don’t feel like downloading the pictures to empty it out. Somethings are better left in memory though.

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