Damn it! I wrote a great post, but something happened and it disappeared forever. The only thing that is left is the part that I copied out to spell check, but that was only a paragraph. Argh. I have half a mind to just let it all go and pout. But that isn’t really fair to my future self who will no doubt wonder what I did this past week.

We went to Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells on Friday and had a blast. Driving go karts is alot more fun if you don’t drive, I would expect. Which makes it so appealing to kids. There weren’t many people there so we got to ride and try out everything (except the kiddy rides) including the big water roller coaster. I kinked my neck there because of a stupid free running hose they had going that was frigid! It took three day for that to go away.

The rest of the weekend was spent reading, sleeping, watching movies, going to the dog park and all around relaxing. I just finished reading Phillip Pullman’s: His Dark Materials series and it was great! Wow, it was great stuff (a bit disappointed with the ending…more of a…huh?) kind of thing, but I still liked it. The ideas were great…I don’t see how this could be a young adult book though. It is most definitely suited for older teenagers and adults of all ages that aren’t religious zealots. It made me doubt…and no book has done that before.

Tim’s vacation is over. Back to the grind. And now for that part that was saved from the previous post that never made it:

Finally, I am sick and disgusted to keep seeing these commercials for disposable toilet scrubbers. “I am a sensitive person, and I can’t stand that there are germs in MY bathroom! Those ordinary toilet scrubbers grab onto the germs and make me want to puke. Thank god for this NEW invention that allows me to flush the mean, nasty germs away!” If you don’t want “germs” in your house….quit shitting in your house! Follow the wisdom of our ancestors and get an outhouse.

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