I think I might be having a bad day. All the signs point that way at least.

This morning I woke up at 6.30AM wondering why the alarm was going off at 6….thinking that wasn’t right. But then I remembered that Tim has to go to work early on Wednesdays. Then I couldn’t get back to the full glory, of sleeping in later than someone else sleep.

I come into work and forget my work keys for the SECOND time in a row. Which wouldn’t be a big deal, expect that yesterday I actually needed them to open a door, and the my supervisor’s keys couldn’t get it open (when I know that mine could….) and then she made a big deal about me bringing mine today and comparing them. Forgetting keys? That is a sign of irresponsibility? I can’t help it. It isn’t that cold right now, and they are in my long black coat pocket. I am hoping to not bring it up today, and she will forget it. We will *both* conviently forget.

Now I find out that I have to let the temp that we have had for …. two days? Today is the third day… I have to let him go. 8( It just makes it sad because he is the boyfriend of the other temp that we have right now, and ….I know what it is to be let go from a temp position. Goddamnit, why can’t temps be Not-Real People? Why do they have to be human beings? And most importantly, why is it that I have to do the letting go? It sucks. Sure I get my own office, but I am bringer of bad news. Oh, I have to let him go because the reason he was hired for…photocopying crap fell through. So now I am having a super hard time finding stuff for him to do.

And I have only been here for 30 minutes.

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