Now taking applications for a stayover with Pluto. Anyone? I sent and email to Jack’s family asking if they were available this weekend to watch Pluto — but it would be nice to know if anyone would watch the hound.

Man, why does coffee taste like such crap when it is a day old and warmed up? I mean…blech…it’s nasty! And yes I did drink it all…but I still wish I hadn’t or wouldn’t do it again.

This weekend was good. Visited with Callie and Jason, ate at Glass Nickle, got Tim NEW glasses (picture to come soon…I will do a week in pictures thing), played Monopoly with our ‘little’ and tried to watch the remake of Peter Pan (but it was broke and we had to send it back…dang…it was really kind of creepy, weird…and when did I start reading all kind of crap into it? The whole ‘enigma of Peter Pan’ that Hook refers too, the changing weather that mirror’s Peter’s mood, the allusion to kissing him would change him from a child to more grown up — eve and the temptation of sin anyone?, hook getting jealous when Peter is with Wendy…man. It is as if Neverland is nothing more than Peter’s pysche and everyone is trapped within it. Now THAT is an interesting story…who the hell care for the never growing up bit.

I always wanted to grow up…while my child hood was happy and fine and all that…I still wanted to be grown up and responsible for myself. You have no rights when you are a child. Those people that wish they could be children forever kind of creep me out.

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