My neighbors gave me three tomato’s and a cucumber. Cool. [pun...get it? ha ha ha] Right now I am washing a load of laundry and my uniform. I forgot to wash it over the weekend and had to wear it last night and almost caused myself to pass out. Ugh…and no matter how many times I do it, I never seem to learn the lesson — spraying freshner on it will not make the smell go away. It just makes it worse. I just don’t want to smell like semen dude. Yeah, I know you wanted that imagery.

I got up early this morning, like I should. Although I have to cut myself SOME slack because I didn’t get any good sleep the night before. I wrote a letter to my Mom and watched a MTV show that was about embarrassing parents. There was this teenage kid who was going with his Jedi father in full costume to a Star Wars conference. I haven’t laughed so hard — my favorite part was when the teenager dressed up as a Storm Trooper and his father got all misty eyed and cried and caused the dude they were borrowing the ST costume to cry too. It was just so touching.

Ha ha. It still makes me laugh.

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