Rain = tired. I got up this morning to fight with Tim over the quality of ‘soft clothes’ in the house before finally finding him a slip of cloth I had gotten to clean my glasses some time ago. Thank goodness I keep all these stuff. So I had to delint it with my special delinting thing because the twit at Lenscrafters has Tim paranoid that secret fibers are embedding themselves everywhere and just waiting to scratch the anti-reflective coating on his new glasses. Once it was skinned of unneccessary fibers I found a small bottle of cleaning solution for “all Lens Types.” Very important that it said that because otherwise paranoid boy would start bitching about how it might not be the rightest solution for him.

After that was over and he left the building, I set the alarm and went back to bed. I got up at 10 like I planned and decided I still had a headache, my dreams were pretty good, and I should go back to sleep. But I had to get up and pay bills before the mail lady came…ten minutes later I discovered my bed was still warm. Then it really started to rain and I went back to sleep my dear Arkham at my side (and Migo on the other).

Now I have been up for awhile, a little groggy but that is going away with the assistance of lunch and a pot of Earl grey tea. I can’t go downstairs to paint — even though it is a blustery day….wait…why can’t I? I should.


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