As promised, I updated Week in Pictures. There are a lot of pictures…it would seem but I guess it has been a long time. Enjoy.

Last night I had to buy Bengay for a back problem. That stuff is really really weird. It’s hot and it’s cold. It’s strange. But it helped to dull the pain enough to fall asleep. Today the pain is gone but it is replaced with the first cold this year. I had a cold last year about this time…suck suck suck. Getting sick is for losers.

Which is certainly how I feel right about now.

I had a good time this weekend, as evidenced by the photos (which means I don’t have to say much — which is even better because I don’t feel like it). Pluto went to his first sleepover *sniff* Our little boy is growing up- which I don’t have pictures of but you should know that anyway.

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