Today has been pretty good. I added another layer or polyurthane to the workbench ( in preparation for the ultimate tiling experience), been working on fixing up the new office (Where do I put the cat boxes?? Damnit, they cannot be in the same closet as our clothes. That just isn’t right, n stuff. Someone hacked into! Poor Tim, I had to help him straighten it out and gain control of the domain again (saving the day, hey it’s all in a day’s work).

I am in love with ( these ) or what? This weekend was good. We went to Lenscrafters to pick up Tim’s trial contact lenses and I stopped at Barnes and Nobles to buy coffee with the six bucks burning a hole in my wallet. But while I was there I remembered that I wanted a better paper journal than the one I picked up a few years ago (a bunch of little books with a leather cover I made). I noticed they had some cute little ones the last time I was there, so I got a pink one with a bird on it. It’s lined, but I can deal with that. Sometimes my handwriting is even too small for my own comfort. Since I only had six bucks I had to debit/charge it, and five bucks is too small — so Tim got a book. I recommended RedWall by Brian Jacques and he decided to give it a try. I remember really liking it — I was amazed to see that there were TWO B&N shelves dedicated to him and his Redwall series — he really became prolific.

Later on we picked up our ‘little’ and headed over to the New Overture Centure (read old civic Center). It was boring, boring, boring. We moped around a little, looked at the art in the art galleries smooshed up at the way top away from public eye and decided that Eric and Lowen could do much better stuff. What a disappointment that the grand opening is going to be the only time the general public ever goes in there. At least the rich and wealthy have a new playground. Thank god for them, I’d had to see rich folks loitering in the near by KFC parking lot.

Since that was lame we left and tried to go to the zoo, but Saturday was a football home game, which meant that every single parking spot downtown was parked up. I forgot how annoying it was to see all that red and lack of parking – I hated what football games do to the downtown of Madison. Hopefully I won’t have to run into that again for another six years. So we just drove to the Arboretum and took a walk to see a natural spring before stopping at Culver’s for chocolate goblins and then dropping him off at home. When are we ever going to find out if he is having fun? Hell if I know.

Saturday night I switched the office and bedroom and we ordered pizza. I love ordering for pizza…it’s so hot and fresh and quick. Now I am still working on sorting out these two rooms (again, where do I put those cat boxes?) I guess I will figure it out.

Sunday Tim had a game — they played Paranoia? Of course I am not invited to nerd fest (quite all right with me) so I stayed home and worked on my projects. There seems to be so many of them. I watched Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman last night — totally destined to be a WE or O movie in a few months. The best revenge is a life well lived….huh. Okay, but a LITTLE face rubbing would have been nice. After all, it is TV and TV is fantasy.

I also watched the Surreal Life (all while knitting) and my god. I just can’t quit looking at Joey from Full House. He’s so bitter, jaded and creepy. So is Bridgette N. for that sake. I like Flava….and Jordan is SUCH a pansy! I need to stop watching this show but they keep putting it on VH1 and I just can’t help myself. It’s a traffic accident.

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