New office and Bedroom closets are done. Man sorting through clothes is such a huge pain in the ass. First you have to decide what season it is, then is it something Tim would use in a layer, then is it jammy or old t-shirt gear or is it just plain old and should become rags? Followed by ‘Do I even wear this any more? (Am I saving it for …. what? Cos it cool looking? — okay that is valid. But what about that crushed velvet stuff — I don’t wear that, and this shirt is just too pink, and that is too small, and etc” …so I ended up making a tiny pile of clothes that were good enough to sell at a garage sale. Woo! The last time I had clothes for that…wait…I donated them. It wasn’t worth moving them to Wisconsin. Still, it might be worth a few bucks total in the end although it’s looking like that garage sale I offered to help my friend with won’t happen this year.

Sigh. Oh well, I got a free couch and a carpet piece out of the deal and that is pretty awesome.

Tim is going to Evanston tomorrow morning until Friday for a business meeting…no wait, on business. He isn’t actually going to be doing anything except ‘observing.’ That means the whole fort is left up to me. I have to walk the dog, pick his poop up, feed the cats, pick their poop up, feed the fish, feed the possum and pick her poop up all by myself. I already know what I am going to make for dinner tomorrow too — fish sticks. Yeah…fishy sticky goodness with mayo (read salad dressing, the cheap version of miracle whip) smeared all over them. Talk about living large.

I gotta clean the rest of the house today…it’s been a little neglected with the ongoings in the bedroom, office and basement.

I made cookies last night so I could have something sweet while having my glass of wine and watching Sex and the City. Oh that reminds me, I need to look up and see what a crab louse really looks like.

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