I went to the library for lunch today, and he told me that i had to have a proof of residence and photo ID!!!! I can’t fucking believe it. I was so angry…and told him all they said was that I had to have a card. No nothing about proof of residence. Dude, I have a fucking card already. I HAD to have the shit to get that card to begin with, so why would I have to prove it again?

Stupid libraries. They piss me off. But this guy was nice. He was one of those new agey, folk type dude that plays in a band still, and has (what little there is) in a stringy pony-tail, coupled with the voice that just drips with “I am SO much better than you” geekiness…that geeks tend to believe after some time. You would be surprised how many gamers I have noticed have evolved themselves into thinking they *truly* are better than others. You should have heard this man on the phone!!!! Government workers really don’t have to be nice do they?

Anyway, I showed my staff ID card, my WI ID card, and the stupid library card and he registered it with Evanston. Of course after I pick my three books, a short story collection revolving around mutants (Called the Mutant Files) , a short story collection of alternate history (called “The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century), and a book called “Past the Size of Dreaming”.

Success. Finally, but not easily given. OH, and on another complete unrelated note, I put up a salon.com ad to see if I can meet any new interesting people. There HAS to be other cool people in the Chicago area. Right?

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