Blogger Down

For some reason I am not powering Blogger in the traditional sense this morning. But I suppose it does give me an excellent opportunity to post via email! Woo. I hope it works.

I was just working on a letter to a Penfriend (Hollywood Jen– who no longer lives in Hollywood), and bemoaning how little there is to read on the internet today. What is wrong with everyone? Are their fingers broken? Too busy catching up on “work” or chatting with your coworkers to post something about your freaking weekend? And as I was speaking with another friend recently, setlists to your DJ set, lyrics to songs, and political and news links that I can find on just don’t cut it. What does it tell me? That you know how to use the internet? That you can play music? Bah, of course you do. Instead use your journal it to tell me what kind of cereal you had for breakfast, who cut you off at the mall, and what projects YOU are working on and other significant events, thoughts, opinions or ideas.

This weekend we bought X-Men Legends (made by local game company Raven) for the X Box. Whew…it’s having some problems reading the disc in interchanges — I just hate sometimes that we bought a refurbished X Box instead of a new one (although I love the savings). The thought of “Oh nO! This is why it was returned” and “They didn’t fix it after all!” keep popping into my head every time there is a problem. Sigh. We managed to get through by saving at every chance we got and changing one character at a time (when upgrading) — and therefore spent the whole weekend playing x-men. I even had dreams about who I should have on my team and what power would be useful for particular situations. So far my favorite characters are: Jean Grey, Storm and Magma. It was weird to buy a video game and read the special thanks to…and know one of the people. Actually two of the people, but since one was a baby they don’t count. I love these multiplayer games (similar to Dynasty Warriors/Baldur’s Gate and Diablo). It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your significant other and insult them with love.

What else? We took Pluto to the Vet to get some shots. He gained eight pounds since July! Awesome. He is 78 pounds now…just the perfect weight. He could maybe afford two more pounds…but we can stop force feeding him cheese products to get him to eat. Ha ha, at the vet, Pluto got treats while they stuck him with shots … and about an entire minute later — he yelps, puts his tail between his legs and walks back and force looking for an exit. Stinky dog took a WHOLE minute for him to realize he had been hurt and by then we had moved into other topics. The cats, now they KNOW when they are being hurt and they let you know it.

The shots kind of affected Pluto and he has been kind of mopey since then. I think I will try and take him for a walk later.

HOly cow it got cold fast, didn’t it? Sure this is Autumn weather, and yes, I do suppose it is October now ( and I did decorate the bay window with Halloween window clings!) but still. I have a feeling that this year it is going to be a cold winter. Tim has thought it was going to be like that for the last couple of winters (I didn’t think so), and they were mild. But this year, I think it is going to be cold and since I never think that–it’s gonna happen. Right? That is how the world works. We are going to buy window insulation early — last year we waited until November and it was impossible to find and we got the last two/three packages — which wasn’t enough for all the windows in the house. Tim mentioned that the natural gas prices are expected to go up another 10% this year, so I want to make sure this whole place is buttoned up…instead of half buttoned up. I wish we had a fireplace — then we could augment the cost….or if there is ever wide spread death (plagues, starvation, accidental know your basic apocalypse) then I could still live in my house and be warm. Then again, being the realistic person I am — I could probably just go and move into a larger or smaller house equipped with what I need because the original folks won’t be there. And yes, I know I am going to be a survivor because I think I am. Like I said earlier — isn’t that how it works? If I think it, then it is going to be. But I am not the only one — think of all those whippersnappers who think that they are immortal.

Man this post is degenerating faster than Joan Rivers.

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