Remember when I talked about the MTV Jedi father/son story a week or two ago? Well, guess who posted to my site….. check it out here.

How ’bout that?

Yeah so I am a crafting…did research today and decided on a price….and what did I make? Hand crafted based on original designs– beaded dog collars…martingale style (also known as the humane collar — or sight hound collars) . I need to get five more done by next Saturday and we are going to donate one to the Greyhound Gala as well. I also need to make some business cards and an information sheet…. Lots to do.

Lets see other than that…sushi party Saturday night I am looking forward too. And… uh…. um….geez, I guess that is about it. I swear that there was more in store for this weekend though. I will probably remember later. That reminds me, I need to RSVP to the sister in law for her wedding later this month. Talk about lazy…luckily I can blame it all on Tim.

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