The collar we donated to the Gala — it got a pretty good response with 25 people bidding for it.

The collar we gave to our friend Dannette – it’s a traditional Ho Chunk design based on a leaf I got from outside.

The collar that Pluto is now wearing. My first one — I added the life bead later so it doesn’t show on this picture.

This one is still available — and one of my favorites because it looks so striking on dark dogs. At least on Pluto it does.

The text that goes along with these collars:

Just as your dog is special to you, dogs have a special place in traditional Ho Chunk culture. Dogs, or cûk, earned a high status because of their role in hunting, their effectiveness as guard dogs in detecting the approach of enemies, bearing burdens and companionship. They were treated with great affection and had the status of being members of the family circle. Not only was a plate set out for the dog in the family dining area, but when a Ho Chunk went through their naming ceremony, a name was also given to them for their dog.

A red bead is often inserted into Native American style beadwork to signify the heart beat of life. Red Eagle martingale collars incorporate the ‘life bead’ in a modern interpretation of traditional beadwork to symbolize good health and a long life for your canine companion.

End text.

So… the Gala was great! We got there early and donated the piece for the raffle bag auction, met with several other dogs and their owners — including one of the families that had come over to check out Gypsy, but had went with another dog — Keeper. I was sad to see that Gypsy didn’t make an appearance though…maybe it was too soon for her to go out. Although she was a veteran meet and greet dog. Maybe next year. We are on the list for fostering another dog in the near future. It’s awesome to foster dogs because you get the benefit of two dogs without the added vet bill. :) Then at the end, when we had given up all hope of ever winning anything — Tim’s name was called. We won the “Embarrassment of Riches” which included: a raised wood feeder, large fleece bed, fancy collar (too small but we will keep it for fosters), Food, a Zanie toy, a 8 pack of Greenies, a pet charm, night time blinker, and two large bones. WOW! I was so happy for hours afterward. Now Pluto can eat on something other than a footstool for his food…and now his water dish is raised too. Talk about luxury. Also he now has a dog bed in the office AND the living room. He is so spoiled!!!!

Today I am crazy busy…I have to clean up the house, cook a sqaush stew, roast a chicken and make apple crisp — using the fresh apples we bought from an orchard this weekend. My sister in law, Sarah who stayed with us for few months at the beginning of this year is getting married this weekend. It’s tradition for us to cook a meal for our soon to be newly wed friends to give them a day off from cooking right before the wedding. I JUST started to squash…I can’t find a good recipe, I have to go to grocery store to get the ingrediants I know I will need for it, clean the house and take a shower. So do I do with my precious, limited time? Hey at least I got the sqaush started while I updated this. ;)

I am torn…I need a name for my burgeoning business…I kind of want to use Wazika. After all wazika right now is just a personal website…and all the personal stuff is under the directory Hadjare, so that could still be a section of the website that isn’t affiliated with the business. However, I could see just starting something new in general and not risk offending anyone who happens to come across my website — not that I think I write anything offensive to begin with, but you never know. My problem is, I need a name. Red Eagle Crafts is too generic and there are already a lot of business’s out there using Red Eagle in their name. White Eagle (the translation of my indian name — is even more prevalent). Red Eagle Beadcrafts, I feel would limit me to just doing beadwork, which I love to do…but my Dad makes the best Native style leather bags ever and I would like to be able to offer his purses up to public as well. While some of his purses /bags have beadwork on them, not all of them do. I feel like that would be a contradiction of some sort. I could do Wazika Crafts … that is the one I am leaning towards even more — then we get to the problem of it being associated with my personal website again. Blah…what to do…what to do…ANY suggestions would be appreciated.

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