The dinner was a success…I ended up making cranberry stuffed porkchops, roasted vegetables, sqaush soup and a apple goody (crisp). I even went all out and bought wine to go along was all very doable because for once we are not completely strapped for cash and have a little bit to spare….not that that will last long. The wedding gift, the hotel room, the thank you gift for Pluto and Kiki (must change name…I am thinking Mimi?) sitters.

So yeah, tonight we are picking up our newest foster…her racing name was Mina and was changed to Kiki when she moved in with a family. They have had her for two months but in that time Kiki has changed…she barks at one of the kids, at the cleaning lady (!), and visitors to their home. Any of you that know greyhounds know that they RARELY bark. Apparently she has also been peeing as a sign of submission (while still barking) but with tail between the legs…. I don’t know. Yes she had a tooth infection that might have made her extra grouchy…but these seem deeper than that. I think we are in store for our first special needs dog. Sigh. I don’t know if I am ready for that yet….it’s only our second foster and we have only had Pluto for over a year, and as some of you know — I don’t get along well with mean dogs. Mean = barking or agressive. Tim says we are going to have solid rules from the moment she gets here though…starting with going straight to the crate and staying there except for bathroom breaks and walks. I have no idea what he plans after that…but she does need to learn that everyone is the boss except her. *sigh* Still….I hope this works out.

I need to set up her crate in the bedroom today…and move the armchair to the basement. That isn’t going to be easy…I might have to move it into the living room until I can get some help.

Another grey day. I read most of yesterday, went to TKD, shopped at Dollar General for which I had been anxiously waiting to open and bought some new pillows and watched my Tuesday night line up (Sex and the City followed by Teen Titans). Today, I think I will catch up on writing some letters. I like to be mostly caught up…and I have to write an introduction letter to a possible new penpal in Finland — must be witty.

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