Mina aka Kiki was a spook. A total spook and it was not one bit exaggerated by the previous owners who did not want her around the house anymore. She whined, barked and had her tail between her legs much of the time we were there…and when she was growling I decided to muzzle her. Problem was we couldn’t touch her to put it on and neither Tim or I wanted to risk it. Thankfully the youngest daughter, whom Kiki liked the most let her put the muzzle on only after the Mom tried and was barked and nipped at (no skin contact). Tim took her for a walk which seemed fine on and even managed to get her in the car. However when we got home we couldn’t get her out of the car — after about a half an hour and a call to the GPA point person here in Madison we got her out by opening both car doors and eliminating her ‘safety’ den. We went on a long walk to try to get her to pee, she went outside in the back yard and seemed to let us pet her, and before she went to the crate she even accepted a treat or two through her muzzle. We still weren’t about to take it off though. She slept the whole night with the muzzle on and in the morning was back to her pained self. Whining when we got near the crate and growling when she felt threatened. I left some water out for her that she could drink through her muzzle but throughout the whole day she didn’t take a single sip. I tried to get her out several time by calling to her…but nuthing. In the meantime I called and made an appointment at the Healthy Pet Clinic for her — perhaps her thyroid is out of whack, or the tooth infection is causing more pain…or maybe something else. I warned them she would be a handful and they advised us — if she wouldn’t come out of the crate on her own to use the slip leash method and wrangle her. I hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

Luckily when Tim came home Pluto was excited enough, and the situation had changed enough that he managed to lure her outside. I couldn’t believe it. She went out and smelled everything and even accepted a few pets and came close to us. We took her straight to the car and to the vet. Once at the vet she seemed just timid…that is until they closed the door and the vet tried to touch her. She started whining, barking, nipping, whining and even peed on the floor she was so terrified. The vet was dismayed and said she had never seen a greyhound in such a state. SHe did note that Kiki’s tongue was blue/almost purple so maybe there is something else at work — perhaps she has a fractured rib or something, which would explain why she wouldn’t let anyone touch her. Let me tell you it was really nice to get validation for describing how spooked this dog was. If we felt that way I can only imagine how the family felt.

In the end we left Kiki at the vet…to be sedated, offered pain medication and recieve a full work up with x rays included. I really hope that it is something pain based…and that Kiki just didn’t have a mental breakdown. As of now that is all we know. My adreneline was high for hours afterward and it still felt she was in the house. Man…what drama.

I also updated Weekend in Pictures… as you can see from this one example.

Now I am off to Cool Beans to have coffee with Hilary and practice our small talking in French. Sarah (Tim’s sister) is getting married this weekend — tonight we are going to Milwaukee for the rehearsal dinner and Greg’s (brother in law) french parents are going to be there. I would like to be able to talk about the weather or something.

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