Sarah’s Wedding was great. The rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the hotel, the reception — we had a great time. It’s time like these that I can really see a future for our families to merge and maybe one day be the kind that can have family reunions. I mean, our parents are going to make that effort since they are such nuclear products…however I think that there is a movement (albiet small) in this new generation to have a more connected feel to others — to have more of a family feel. I could elaborate on this, but I am not sure if my thoughts are entirely formed on it.

I didn’t take any pictures, even though I had my camera the whole time. I just didn’t feel like. I wanted to be in the moment instead….hopefully Sarah will give us a picture or two — at least of the family shot. That would be cool.

To answer the Anonymous post asking if I was going to the La Crosse Area Meeting — uh, nope. I had the wedding to go. Besides, even though I do have opinions on the way the tribe is handling some issues — I don’t feel comfortable expressing them to anyone other than my brother – Shane. Or maybe my Dad too, and Tim. But if I get irked enough then I will bitch to more….however..I would like to go to the meetings in Madison but I am kind of a chicken shit in that I don’t want to go alone. Plus they haven’t contacted me to let me know when they have meetings and stuff — I know that is a poor excuse and I could call and find out (although the two times I have gotten the required courage no one picked up the phone). So there it is. If I had a buddy to go with, I would totally go…but since I don’t…uh I don’t.

And Phil, I found the Acorn Recipe Online — after much searching and comparing I had settled on this one: Acorn Sqaush Soup. It’s good!

What else? I volunteered more administration time at the Rings Facility — they are buying me the rest of my sparring equipment in exchange for my services….isn’t that nice? I feel like it kind of too much — but I don’t want to offend them by refusing such a generous offer. Especially since it is pratical too. ;)

Yesterday I hung out with Heather for the first time. We went to this coffee place located nearby the last remaining Ben Franklins in this part of the state. I had a good time — I ceorced myself on some of her ex boyfriends birthday cake at her house (probably in bad taste, but the cake was tasty! and I was getting a headache from low blood sugar). She also lent three books…after much consideration I started with: Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. It’s really a fictional biography….and its pretty darn good so far. I spend the whole morning reading it and even made some coffee for the occassion. I finally quite at 11.30 otherwise I would waste the whole day reading. Wait…*can* you waste a day reading? Is that possible? :)

Anyway, I am the part right now where the witch is entering her third year at college and you know what? I can’t help but to feel a lot like Elphaba. Although I am not green, I feel that our situations are rather similar (at least so far). We both hate getting wet, we came from poor backgrounds and attended a wealthy college, our mothers are strickingly similar, we are both too honest and blunt for our own goods, we see a lot of things quite differently that most (and have had the sense to keep most of that to ourselves), can be couragous when need be and yet petty and jealous just like everyone else. Sigh. I feel for you Elphie…I do.

Well, it’s 12.30 now and I should really get to the store. I need some food and garlic for the chicken I am going to roast today. It should provide food for most of the rest of the week. Cool. Tomorrow I am going to the Kerry Rally with a woman that goes to TKD. She’s getting a ticket for me AND providing me a ride. I will take pictures for that.

Also, we are going to buy a new car. A Scion XB – within the next few weeks. Mark (Tim’s brother) agreed to buy our old car. We both make out since we get monthly payments to help pay for the new car (at least for 10 months) and he gets a pretty good car — since he is a third year college students there is no hope in hell that he could get a car on his own this good. It’s a great deal!

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