What a vile night. At least Pluto managed the courage to go out and do his deed without us taking him for walk in this crap. Tim is still at work and it’s looking like another long night. He had to go in on Saturday and Sunday to pay for the company’s ineffictiveness at time management and wild promises. Sigh.

I read most of the day. Curled in bed and later on the couch with a cup of coco and marshmallows. Now I am trying to get that same courage Pluto had and do something significant like … oh say wash the blasted dishes. They are soaking right now while I type.

I need to take a shower too and that thought is just unappealing. I should call my Dad and see how he is doing since my other Aunt is near death … maybe gone? I feel terrible for not getting that umph to do it. I have put if off for two weeks now. I must look like a terrible uncaring daughter. Maybe I am. I just don’t want to deal with it.

I have a bunch of pictures to put up but today isn’t the day to do it. Perhaps tomorrow.

I feel lonely tonight and it’s all my fault.

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